Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Chapter - 3 A Fresh Start

Sarah finally joined the college in which she did her Bachelors for her Masters. And very soon her classes started and Sarah hardly knew anyone even after a week of start of classes. She preferred to stick to her own self in class and avoided every other possible chances where she could interact with people.

It took Sarah almost a month to find a friend. Her friend was named Anu. Now Anu and Sarah they were like fire and ice. Speaking of Anu, she was a cheerful and bubbly girl an extrovert by nature and had the ability to put a smile on people's face. And if there was one person's company she enjoyed the most in class it would be Anu's.

Anu after realizing what Sarah was going through decided to make Sarah's life better and made a promise to herself to get back the smile and innocence that Sarah had lost along with the death of Tom.

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