Monday, 5 October 2015

Chapter - 2 (Continued)

Days quickly turned into months and months into an year. After spending almost an year at her grandparent's place Sarah finally returned back home. In that one year she learned to accept things and was able to recover from the trauma that she had after Tom's death. She was finally able to come out of memories that she had with Tom.

Sarah missed Rohith and her grandparents as she returned back home.

But things had changed back home, her friends Catherine, Ann and Katie were now working and hence Sarah couldn't meet them often. Tom's parents had moved back to their native and Sarah's sister had finally finished her schooling and was about to start with her Bachelor's course by the time Sarah returned back.

Now that Sarah was back home she thought it would be better if she continued her studies and applied for her Masters in the same college that she did her Bachelors thinking that she would at-least know some people around.

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