Sunday, 27 September 2015

Chapter - 2 (Continued)

It was while Sarah spend time at her grandparents home did she meet Rohith, her second cousin. They haden't spoke much earlier. Now Rohith was staying near Sarah's grandparent's home and would visit them often. After a few days Sarah slowly started talking to Rohith. Talking about Rohith he was a cool guy and believed that whatever happens happens for a reason.

Sarah was able to relate to him and slowly started talking things out to Rohith. She felt relieved by doing so. In return Rohith filled her mind with positive thoughts and encouraged her in doing things. And literally he did everything possible to keep her mind free from memories of Tom.

With Rohith by her side she felt comfortable and was amazed at the thought level and perception of life that Rohith had eventhough he was younger than her.

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