Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Chapter - 2 (Continued)

During this period the only ones who were there by Sarah's side were her parents, friends and Tom's parents. Deep inside Tom's parents felt sad for her and they always considered her as their daughter and was sure that she would sometime soon become part of their family by being Tom's bride. They felt for her for what she had to undergo at such a tender age.

On the other side Sarah was being haunted by the memories that she had with Tom.

Days passed and still Sarah was stuck with her memories with Tom. Seeing what Sarah was going through Tom's parents suggested that it would be better if Sarah was moved to some-place calm and serene, so it was suggested that she go to her grandparent's house and pretty soon Sarah moved to her grandparent's home.

But Sarah had other plans in mind, she wanted to continue with higher education from the very next academic year, she thought by keeping herself busy with studies she can forget about the past. But her parents and Tom's parents felt it would be better if she took an year's break and concentrate on other things which would make her happy and relaxed. Both Sarah's and Tom's parents believed that concentrating on other things would make Sarah overcome the memories that haunted her..

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