Tuesday, 22 September 2015


An Awakening

What laid ahead of Sarah's life was a fairy tale filled with trauma and tears. Now that Sarah had enough of what life had to offer for her she began to look into teaching as something which provided her comfort apart from the company of her friends and family.

Now there was a guy in Sarah's class by name Tom. Sarah and Tom had hardly spoke to each other. What attracted people to Tom was the warm smile that he had always.

Now Tom does have a crucial role in this story so it is important to know a bit about him. He was an average looking guy with hazel eyes and is a silent person who did not like spending much of a time with friends and did not prefer going out to parties. And he hardly had any friends in class and did most of his studies by himself.

Now there was this chapter in Accounts which Tom was finding hard to understand and needed someone's help so that he could grasp it. But now that he hardly had any friends he did not know whom to ask and he did not want to go to the lecturer. And very soon Tom got to know that Sarah would teach people and he approached Sarah to ask if she could teach him that chapter. Sarah gladly accepted to teach Tom and he was happy by the way Sarah taught him and cleared his doubts.

So from then anytime Tom had doubts in studies he approached Sarah and she would help him out each time gladly. And very soon their learning and teaching paved way to a strong bond of friendship between them. Soon Tom became part of Sarah's group along with Catherine, Ann and Katie. Deep inside Sarah's friends did not like Tom much but they were ok with him being part of the group as it made Sarah happy and they did not want Sarah to be depressed again.

Slowly Tom began to fill up the space and scars that the other guy left in Sarah's heart. And very soon Sarah and Tom started having feelings towards each other and both of them decided to get committed but only with the permission of their parents. Both their parents were fine with it but only Sarah's friends had a problem with this relationship because they thought if at all there would ever be a breakup Sarah wouldn't be able to bear it.

They were termed as an unusual couple by others including their classmates and batch-mates because they hardly went out together and they would spend most of their time talking to each other or studying within the campus.

Days passed quickly and very soon they were graduated from their Undergraduate course.

Now Destiny had something else for Sarah in stock. Few days after the graduation Tom met with an accident and he died on the spot. This left Sarah devastated and took a turmoil on her life. She did not find any reason to live in this world where her beloved Tom did not exist anymore....

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