Monday, 15 December 2014

Chapter - 1 (Continued)

The reason why I said you will soon realize how right Sarah is about her friends in the previous post is cause there was this incident that happened that changed Sarah's perception about friends. This incident happened 4 years back, then Sarah was in her 12th grade and she had this friend by the name Meera, who was her junior in college.

And now Sarah had this crush on a guy, he was her batchmate and he happened to be a mutual friend of both Sarah and Meera. And when Meera came to know about the crush that Sarah had towards that guy, Meera said Sarah that she will talk to that guy and let her know his response towards the whole crush thing, and Sarah was fine with it. And everytime Sarah tried talking to that guy, Meera would come and stand in the middle or would pull her or him away. And this continued for more than two years.

It was at the end of two years that she came to know that both Meera and the guy whom Sarah had crush were committed and were in a relationship for the past two years. And once Sarah came to know about it she was very sad and she focused more on teaching to keep herself busy and not to be reminded of that guy and Meera.

And this incident in particular changed Sarah's perception about friends; she made a promise to herself that only Catherine, Ann and Katie would be her bestfriends for life.

But destiny had something else for her...

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