Tuesday, 25 November 2014

La bella vita

Before I begin with my story I guess it's important to give an introduction as to what the story is all about. The story cannot be exactly called as a love story, but it has elements of love, sadness, happiness everything in it. Literally it's a mixing pot of emotions.

The story is set in the Silicon city of India ie Bangalore. The story revolves around a girl named Sarah. Speaking about Sarah she is an undergraduate student in a reputed college. She is silly, emotional and she believes that every cloud has a silver lining. The only fault that I can find in her is that she trusts people extremely, no matter how many times she gets into trouble because of them she still is always ready to help them.

And this story as far as I know will not be a happy ending one, cause life is not always about happy endings.. For the next few days or months I will be writing about Sarah and her life. And I prefer to call this story "La Bella Vita" meaning a beautiful life..

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