Saturday, 29 November 2014

Chapter - 1

Now that you already a know a bit about Sarah through my previous post, I will add some more to your already existing knowledge of Sarah. As mentioned in the previous post she was a very silly and emotional person, who had a hardcore passion in teaching. Her parents, friends and sister made her world.

Speaking about her family - her father worked in a MNC, her mother was a teacher and her sister was doing her 11th grade. Her family was her everything, she could count on them for everything and she never hid anything from them.

Eventhough she was blessed with a lot of friends she preferred to call Catherine, Ann and Katie as her best pals. Ann was Sherlock of the group, Catherine and Katie always tried to bring on a smile on other's face.

Sarah claimed to know her friends well, but you will soon realize as to how right Sarah is about the knowledge she has about her friends...

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