Monday, 15 December 2014

Chapter - 1 (Continued)

The reason why I said you will soon realize how right Sarah is about her friends in the previous post is cause there was this incident that happened that changed Sarah's perception about friends. This incident happened 4 years back, then Sarah was in her 12th grade and she had this friend by the name Meera, who was her junior in college.

And now Sarah had this crush on a guy, he was her batchmate and he happened to be a mutual friend of both Sarah and Meera. And when Meera came to know about the crush that Sarah had towards that guy, Meera said Sarah that she will talk to that guy and let her know his response towards the whole crush thing, and Sarah was fine with it. And everytime Sarah tried talking to that guy, Meera would come and stand in the middle or would pull her or him away. And this continued for more than two years.

It was at the end of two years that she came to know that both Meera and the guy whom Sarah had crush were committed and were in a relationship for the past two years. And once Sarah came to know about it she was very sad and she focused more on teaching to keep herself busy and not to be reminded of that guy and Meera.

And this incident in particular changed Sarah's perception about friends; she made a promise to herself that only Catherine, Ann and Katie would be her bestfriends for life.

But destiny had something else for her...

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Chapter - 1

Now that you already a know a bit about Sarah through my previous post, I will add some more to your already existing knowledge of Sarah. As mentioned in the previous post she was a very silly and emotional person, who had a hardcore passion in teaching. Her parents, friends and sister made her world.

Speaking about her family - her father worked in a MNC, her mother was a teacher and her sister was doing her 11th grade. Her family was her everything, she could count on them for everything and she never hid anything from them.

Eventhough she was blessed with a lot of friends she preferred to call Catherine, Ann and Katie as her best pals. Ann was Sherlock of the group, Catherine and Katie always tried to bring on a smile on other's face.

Sarah claimed to know her friends well, but you will soon realize as to how right Sarah is about the knowledge she has about her friends...

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

La bella vita

Before I begin with my story I guess it's important to give an introduction as to what the story is all about. The story cannot be exactly called as a love story, but it has elements of love, sadness, happiness everything in it. Literally it's a mixing pot of emotions.

The story is set in the Silicon city of India ie Bangalore. The story revolves around a girl named Sarah. Speaking about Sarah she is an undergraduate student in a reputed college. She is silly, emotional and she believes that every cloud has a silver lining. The only fault that I can find in her is that she trusts people extremely, no matter how many times she gets into trouble because of them she still is always ready to help them.

And this story as far as I know will not be a happy ending one, cause life is not always about happy endings.. For the next few days or months I will be writing about Sarah and her life. And I prefer to call this story "La Bella Vita" meaning a beautiful life..

Monday, 24 November 2014

In a way all of us are struggling to accomplish our dreams, though our dreams might seem silly to people who hear it, little do people realize as to how much those silly things mean to us.

Right now I'm on the path of accomplishing one of my dreams that of being a writer. And I thought why not start with my first step that of writing a story through my blog..

Monday, 20 October 2014

I was reading through an article recently, and the abstract of that article is girls and boys can never be best friends. It came as a surprise for me, cause it is something which i cannot agree upon.

According to me girls and boys can be the best of friends, coz first thing a girl and a boy can never have ego clashes, and they respect us more than our female counterparts do. It is more easy for us to share our feelings with them rather than with our friends who are girls. As far as my experience is considered my friends who are guys have also stood by me, when I needed my friends the most....

Friday, 17 October 2014

We all live in a society where we care for feelings of others more than ours. We are all scared of being unique and different so we end up following others in what they do, whether we like it or not.

Most of us including me and you do things just coz we wanna be accepted be others, we may not do it out of free will; but we do it just for the sake of it.